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Susan Chung's RapidFire: Results

Susan Chung's RapidFire: Results
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Product Description

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RapidFire: Results, the second in the Power Optimizing Workouts series, is a challenging workout for the serious at home enthusiast. The kickboxing combinations, drills, metabolic weight segment and ab routine will keep you engaged, challenged, and interested. Led by 5th degree black belt Tae Kwon Do Master, AFAA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Susan Chung, this workout is designed to improve your cardio endurance, build lean muscle, strengthen your core and teach you great kickboxing technique. Youíll be having so much fun with the unique kickboxing combinations and kicking drills that you wonít realize how many calories youíre burning or how much youíre sweating!

The workout starts with an energizing warm up followed by 6 Rounds:

  • Rounds 1-4 are the main cardio segments and each includes an intense kickboxing combination followed by a challenging cardio kicking drill thatís sure to keep your heart rate up
  • Round 5 is a metabolic weight segment which will give your metabolism a serious boost. Compound exercises incorporate both large and small muscle groups combined with kicks to add even more intensity
  • Round 6 is an awesome ab segment featuring both standing core and floor work
  • Finally, youíll enjoy a revitalizing, relaxing stretch

RapidFire: Results will ignite your workout and get you into great shape fast. The workout includes a basic modifier for those who want a no impact workout and an advanced modifier for the experienced kickboxer.

Equipment needed: dumbbells

Equipment used: weighted gloves, dumbbells, medicine ball

Released 2011