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Angie Miller's Strength & Core Fusion

Angie Miller's Strength & Core Fusion
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Product Description

This workout can modified for either the intermediate or advanced exerciser, depending on the weight selection you use. The exercises will work your entire body, with a finishing emphasis on the core.

  • 7 minute warm-up
  • 41 minutes strength training, including weights & band work
  • 13 minutes core
  • 6 minutes cool-down

Angie Miller's Strength & Core Fusion is a fun blend of strength training for the entire body. Fast-paced so you get the added bonus of a nearly-cardio routine while thoroughly working your muscles, Angie uses continuous movement and innovative exercises to sculpt and define every part of your body. Working both strength and endurance, you'll also challenge your balance, burn fat, and gain functional fitness benefits.

In this workout, Angie uses dumbbells, a resistance tube with handles, and an optional step.

Released 2007